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The Power Rangers newsletter.
NOTE: This newsletter went on indefinite hiatus July 23, 2011, and we're not currently keeping track of the e-mail account.

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The Power Rangers Weekly Newsletter.

This includes:
*New Communities
*Challenges and Ficathons
*FanArt (includes Icons, banners, wallpapers, & manips)
*Pictures and Screencaps
*Multimedia (Videos and Fanmixes)
*Notable fandom discussion

If you:
A) want us to alter or delete a post of yours we have linked to
B) want us to take down a link to any post made by you on your LJ
C) have submissions you think we might find interesting (please note that the final decision about including your submission is made by the editors) email us at spandexreport@gmail.com

If you'd like your fic linked, you need to have a title, rating, and pairing (no pairing, gen, is fine, but it must say that) email us at spandexreport@gmail.com. We will not link to locked journals; it must be somewhere publicly accessible to be included in the Report.

Fic without ratings are marked Mature/Rated R. Since the Report mods are all busy people, we generally don't have time to read most of the stories we link to, and if ratings aren't listed when it comes time to add them to the Report, then better safe than sorry. We'll fix this if you inform us your story has been incorrectly rated after the fact, but it would obviously save time if you make the rating clear from the start.

SPOILER POLICY: we make every attempt to note spoilers for fic, pics, and icons when we see them, but sometimes we don't see them. Please understand that it is up to each reader to be aware of that when clicking on links to unfamiliar journals. Once an episode has aired in the U.S., the title and plots may be mentioned in the report.

With Regards to Content and Formatting: This is a free fandom newsletter, not a recommendation service, and not a paid online journal. The newsletter is put together by four volunteers, which can cause a slight variety in the formatting of posts. In addition, we cannot guarantee the quality of the content of links provided. It is our goal to provide a complete newsletter for the Power Rangers fandom, not just recommendations.

With Regards to Locked Journals and Wank: Spandex Report is a neutral fandom vehicle and doesn't want to promote or encourage discord in the fandom. As such, we do not link to locked posts, hatememes, lovememes, wank comms or posts/content that are being Fandom Wanked.

With regards to added warnings/redacted information: As we prefer not to promote discord in the fandom, we do take into consideration complaints about content we've linked to. Not only are we a fandom for a kids show, but we've had official liasons who have indicated they are aware of our newsletter. As such, mods will review content that's been brought to us as lacking in the proper warnings. We may feel that an additional warning or a redacted title is needed in order to prevent people from unexpectedly reading, listening to, or watching content which offends them. Content like rape, torture, abuse, and bigoted language, if not warned for properly, will garner a review by all the mods, and action will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

For those without LiveJournal accounts who'd like to keep up with the Report, we have both RSS and Atom feeds. If you prefer Dreamwidth to LiveJournal, we now have a mirror over there as well.

Your newsletter mods are: itsbuttery and second_batgirl.

Previous mods include: [personal profile] angel_negra, jadetate, kikos_ai, lielabell, and shurimon.

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