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Spandex Report - 06-29-11

The Spandex Report
...Late Edition
June 29, 2011


- Courtesy of the Licensing Show, we now have official confirmation that the originally-skipped "Origins" episode of Samurai will air on Nickelodeon this September. Those lucky enough to attend San Diego Comic-Con in a month can see it there first, though.
- Speaking of Samurai, according to Tweets by Erika Fong, Brittany Pirtle, Kimberly Crossman, Hector David Jr., and Steven Skyler, filming for the season wrapped about two weeks ago. (PS: If you're wondering who Kimberly Crossman is, we're not telling. Spoilers.)
- Power Rangers on Netflix is now running free of errors, for those of you who were still waiting for the ability to watch all the episodes on apps or video game consoles.
- Power Rangers has been banned in New Zealand practically since its inception... until this past Monday.


- No Pink Spandex: Episode 132: The Blue and the Gold, The Yellow and the Cake, and The Red and the Gate - Power Rangers Samurai Episode 13 "The Blue and the Gold", Episode 14 "Team Spirit", and Episode 15 "The Tengen Gate".
- No Pink Spandex: Episode 133: GAYO-35 - Power Rangers Samurai Episode 16 "Boxed In", Rating Samurai So Far, Samurai FanFiction, and more!
- Ranger Bar: Episode 18: I've Got A Spell on Blue

Blogs, RPGs, Communities, and Challenges

- ranger_recaps posted recaps of The Ranger Rivalry and Parts and Parcel.
- pr_samurai discusses readers' hopes for the rest of the season.
- pr_meta has discussions on readers' favorite headcanon.
- In celebration of New York's legalization of same-sex marriage, there is now a "Let's get gay married!" commentfic meme. Several PR writers have already contributed.


- Answering the Call ch. 13 by Jeannine Trevizo (new power team w/ canon characters, AU post-Turbo, Tommy/Kim, M)
- Coming Home ch. 31 by Griddlebone (post-MMPR, Jason/Trini, M)
- The Darkness by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (RPM, K)
- Fatal Attraction pt. 3 by dream_edge (RPM, Dillon/Ziggy, slight K/Tenaya, M)
- The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives by dream_edge (RPM, Dillon/Ziggy, K+)
- Kith and Kin by lilyleia78 (SPD, Jack/Sky, K)
- Losing Touch ch. 3 by [personal profile] estirose (Dino Thunder, Conner/Kira, K)
- The Power of Friends ch. 44 and 45 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (NS-JF Minus SPD, T)
- Ranger Pink by not_a_reptile (RPM, crack, K+)
- Warlord's Daughter ch. 18 and 19 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (Ninja Storm AU, Shane/OFC, T)
- Wedding Bells by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (post-series, Tommy/OC, K)
- You Can Call Me Dillon by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (RPM, K)


- Artwork: EMILY by Joekearon
- Artwork: putty by diabolicol
- Artwork: TAKE A LITTLE TRIP by Toastysaurus
- Artwork: Pink Ranger by HighwindDesign
- Cosplay: Red Rangers by nikocruz
- Cosplay: A-Kon 2011 10 by SetsunaFallenAngel
- Cosplay: power rangers by artboy329

Pictures and Screencaps

- hellobrisvegas has posted scans of Jason David Frank from Disney Adventures magazine, as well as screencaps of his appearance in Sweet Valley High, here.


- Music Video: Hit the Floor by catt021 (SPD, evil Sky)

Notable Discussion


- PR Samurai: Power Rangers June Listings -- Updated 6/23

Henshin Justice Unlimited

- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai - News/Rumors/Discussion!

- General: The History of the Power Rangers - Discussion Thread
- General: The Power Rangers Netflix Experience: Visiting Lost Galaxy
- General: Power Rangers Comes to NETFLIX STREAMING Starting 6/15!

Power Morphicon

- PR Samurai: new episodes

- General: Power Rangers On Netflix
- General: What RANGER are you?

Power Rangers United

- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai Spoilers
- PR Samurai: Season Break Decompression

- General: Ranger Powers
- General: Pr On Instant Netflix
- General: Forgotten Thread


- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai General News
- PR Samurai: The Samurai Ratings Thread

- General: About clip-show episodes
- General: NETFLIX STREAMING: Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Beetleborgs!
- General: Mighty morphin power rangers reboot...
- General: Why wasn't Saba utilized more?
- General: What season of Power Rangers would you have added an extra ranger?
- General: Would Finster have joined the Power Rangers, if given the chance?
- General: American ThunderZord footage?
- General: Kimberly and Dinozord Tank Mode
- General: Which ranger's ride would you want to jack?
- General: Why did Saban resist change for so long?
- General: was Captain Mitchell the best post-Zordon mentor?
- General: Is there room for a Red/Black/Green Super Sentai girl?


- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai Discussion

- General: Power Rangers on Netflix (VR Troopers and Beetleborgs, too)
- General: Best lie in Power Rangers.
- General: Youtube Finally hit-copyright claim by SCG Power Rangers LLC.
- General: Goldar and Self-Confidence
- General: why couldnt zedd and rita use serpentara to destroy the machine empire
- General: What if Tommy, Adam, Kat, and Tanya remained through Turbo and Space...
- General: Rita's planetoid = Cimmerian planet?
- General: Power Rangers S.P.D. to be dubbed in Japanese.
- General: Power Rangers season sets coming to DVD
- General: Should the Parents have been incorporated more?
- General: Justin Obsession
- General: Licensing International Expo 2011

Tokusatsu Fusion

- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai Discussion Thread

Did we miss anything? Got news for the next report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.



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