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Spandex Report - 04-17-11

The Spandex Report
Putting Jayden on a Leash
April 17, 2011

Next Episode Airtimes

- Samurai - Jayden's Challenge (Nickelodeon - Apr. 17, 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Unexpected Arrival (Nickelodeon - Unknown day in May 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Room for One More (Nickelodeon - Unknown day in May 2011 at 12:00pm)

Jayden's Challenge episode synopsis, spoilers, highlight to read -=- Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harms way, but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers. -=-

Blogs, RPGs, and Communities

- ranger_recaps posted recaps of Episode 220 - Cars Attacks, Episode 219 - A Drive to Win and Episode 218 - The Millenium Message, Episode 217 - Alarmed and Dangerous, and Episode 216 - Weight and See.
- pr_samurai has discussion posts up for Jayden's Challenge: PR-Only Post/For comparisons to the Sentai version.
- It's been quite a while since the last Power Rangers friending meme; consider checking out the newest one!
- pr_meta has up a post on color theory


- Bonding by psyco_chick32 (PRS, PG)
- A Moment in Time by psyco_chick32 (MMPR AU, T, Adam/Kim)
- Running Away Doesn't Save the Day by rivulet027 (Multi-season, PG-13, Jayden/Cole, Adam/Tanya, warnings for character death)
- Tadpoles, Tree Houses and First Kisses by rivulet027 (MMPR, Adam/Rocky, PG-13)
- Same As We Always have by lielabellfic (Multi-season, Adam/Kira, Rocky/Aisha, R)
- True North Chapter 7 by Seren Maris (SPD, Bridge/Sky, T)
- Worthy by Seren Maris (SPD, Bridge/Sky, K+)
- Coming Home Chapter 29 by Griddlebone (MMPR, Jason/Trini, M)
- Visitors Chapter 3 by walutahanga (DT/Stargate Atlantis, T)
- Just Another Day in Paradise by Guardian of Hope (WF, Max/Danny, M)
- Summer's Boys Chapter 50 by Guardian of Hope (RPM, Scott/Flynn/Summer, T)
- Wayward Son Chapter 4 by Guardian of Hope (Turbo/Stargate Atlantis, T)
- Power of Friends Chapter 37 by Guardian of Hope (Multi-season, T)


- Go Go by TomTurbo17 (Multi-season)
- Power Ranger Teamup by Kronos2501 (Multi-season/sentai)
- Help Save the Earth by JRed20 (MMPR)
- Tori by Divadjg123 (NS)
- Storm vs Yellow Ranger by Boborambo (MMPR/X-Men)
- Black Space Ranger by josz010 (PRiS)
- Cole and Alyssa by flapjackstantz (WF)


- Music Video: Tommy's Nightmare by RevolutionChick (DT)
- Music Video: Out of the Dark by NickMadisonFan (PRS)
- Music Video: Firework by PRgirlsrock (Multi-season)

Notable Discussion

Henshin Justice Unlimited

- Samurai Episode: Test of the Leader
- Samurai Episode: Jayden's Challenge
- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai - News/Rumors/Discussion! (It's Two Seasons! Not two years)
- PR Samurai: HJU Radio #22 – Power Rangers Samurai

- General: The History of the Power Rangers - Discussion Thread
- General: Power Rangers DOES have a Doctor Who-like mythology
- General: Jonathan Tzachor declares Disney seasons to be non-canon

Power Rangers United

- Samurai Episode: Forest for the Trees
- Samurai Episode: Test of the Leader
- PR Samurai: Dekker!
- PR Samurai: Samurai Season

- General: What About This Line?


- Samurai Episode: Jayden's Challenge
- Samurai Episode: Test of the Leader
- Samurai Episode: I Got a Spell on Blue
- Samurai Episode: Forest for the Trees

- PR Samurai: PR Samurai UK Airdate Announced
- PR Samurai: The Samurai Ratings Thread
- PR Samurai: Kids Choice Awards 2011 Discussion - with special guests the Samurai Rangers

- General: Power Rangers found in peculiar place
- General: Power Rangers return to YTV in Canada!
- General: History of Power Rangers by Linkara (Dont ask when the next review's coming)
- General: EVENT: No Pink Spandex Live - Saturday, April 30th - Guest: David Yost
- General: Our MMPR Cosplay at WonderCon 2011, San Francisco
- General: If Power Rangers had a team up with anything other than power rangers
- General: Silver Ranger question
- General: Ranger's name
- General: David Winning: Turbo Movie Director - Ask Him Your Questions
- General: Did a Blue Ranger say this?
- General: What is the Morphin Grid?
- General: Black and Gold Ranger


- Samurai Episode: Test of the Leader
- PR Samurai: PRS "Jayden's Challenge" Episode
- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai Discussion
- PR Samurai: PR Samurai Ratings Thread
- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai at the Kids Choice Awards 2011
- PR Samurai: Samurai Power legacy

- General: Active Ranger Powers
- General: Why were they chosen to be the retro rangers?
- General: Better Feel of Power Rangers
- General: Favorite Power Up
- General: Is jayden going to have a battelizer?
- General: Bulk and Skull..talk about character growth...
- General: Jayden's secret?
- General: Is Wes Sky's Father?

Tokusatsu Fusion

- PR Samurai: Power Rangers Samurai Discussion Thread

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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Apr. 18th, 2011 10:59 am (UTC)
I don't think I read the tagline the way you meant it, but, uh. Thanks for that.
Apr. 18th, 2011 12:57 pm (UTC)
LOLOL So I'm not the only one?
Apr. 18th, 2011 01:04 pm (UTC)
Ahaha, tptigger made a joke in her recap about how Jayden is one of THOSE reds. You know, the ones that need to be put on a kiddie leash so they don't run off and leave the team behind.

Of course, if you want to interpret it differently, that's also a valid interpretation. ;)
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