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May 23rd, 2011

Spandex Report - 05-23-11

The Spandex Report
Late? Not anymore!
May 23, 2011

Next Episode Airtimes

- Samurai - The Tengen Gate (Nickelodeon - Sat. May 28, 2011 at 12:00pm)

The Tengen Gate episode synopsis, spoilers, highlight to read -=- Octoroo wants the Red Ranger's powerful sealing symbol, so he poisons Jayden in order to get it. -=-

Blogs, RPGs, Communities, and Challenges

- ranger_recaps posted recaps of Trouble by the Slice, The Phantom Phenomenon, and Vanishing Act.
- pr_samurai has discussion posts up for Team Spirit: PR-Only Post/For comparisons to the Sentai version.
- pr_meta has a discussion on post-series lives of the Rangers.
- ship_manifesto is hosting a free month (no claims necessary) until the end of June, so anyone who wants to write a manifesto for their pairing/threesome/moresome, no matter how unlikely or non-canon-based it is, is encouraged to do so. Four PR-based manifestos have already been written in the past, but Free Month is a chance for people to put their own spin on represented pairings as well as tackle new ones.
- [community profile] thelittlebang is hosting a second round for the femslash mini-bang challenge. Signups are still going for the first phase, which would require you to either write a 15000+ word story or create 2+ large visual fanworks.


- Awkward by queenriley (Mystic Force, Xander/Vida, PG/K+)
- Better Than Old Times by queenriley (post-OaR, Rocky/Adam, G/K)
- Bystander Effect by hagar_972 (remix of Memory Lapse by walutahanga, Zeo, G/K)
- Darker Shades ch. 10 (MMPR AU, PG-13/T)
- Discovery by bowsie22 (Samurai, Antonio/Jayden, PG-13/T)
- Earth Song chs. 11, 12, and 13 by dj_rocca (Ninja Storm/Mystic Force/Jungle Fury, PG-13/T)
- Even Heroes Need Saving by [personal profile] tptigger (Operation Overdrive/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, PG/K+)
- First Mystic ch. 4 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (Mystic Force, PG-13/T)
- Full of Surprises pt. 2 by dj_rocca (post-DT/OaR, Tommy/Kira, PG-13/T)
- Get in Gear by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (RPM AU, Scott/Flynn/Summer, PG-13/T)
- Missed You by queenriley (Samurai, Antonio/Jayden, G/K)
- Missing You by musicxxangel (Samurai, Jayden/Mike, NC-17/M)
- Naming by drownedinlight7 (RPM, Dillon/Scott, NC-17/M)
- Not Going to Wave Some White Flag ch. 2 (Jungle Fury, PG-13/T)
- The Power of Friends ch. 39 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (Yellow Ranger teamup, NS-JF minus SPD, PG-13/T)
- Red and Blue prompts 9 and 8 by lanate (Justin/Mack pre-slash, PG-13/T)
- Tense by musicxxangel (Samurai, Antonio/Jayden, NC-17/M)
- Warlord's Daughter ch. 13 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (Ninja Storm AU, Shane/OC, PG-13/T)
- Wayward Son ch. 6 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (Turbo/Stargate Atlantis, PG-13/T)


- Icons: 41 icons and 8 banners by dj_rocca (Dino Thunder, Jungle Fury, Samurai)
- Artwork: Andros and Carlos by Autumn-Sacura
- Artwork: Red Ranger Reboot by GeekTruth64
- Artwork: Thrax by EduardoM
- Artwork: Shell Shocked by OptimusPraino
- Artwork: MIA by Joekearon
- Artwork: Dragonzord by *Lydia-distracted</a>
- Artwork: Green Ranger Movie Poster by Tasunara
- Artwork: Lord Zedd Concept by TheFalseLegend
- Artwork: Cerdo Rechoncho by EduardoM
- Artwork: Fanart: Rita Repulsa by Kato-Regama
- Cosplay: Power Rangers by vMatoKuroi
- Cosplay: PRCC 11-23 by MegaMan007
- Cosplay: Pink and Green Power Rangers by UndertheBloodyGround
- Cosplay: Power Rangers and megazord by animecrazy2007

Pictures and Screencaps

- lelola, in honor of the new Thor film, posted 3 pictures and 1 video of Jason Smith and Chris Hemsworth in Home and Away.


- Music Video: Channel Surfing by jenndubya (MMPR-Samurai, various)
- Music Video: Crack[ers] and Power Ranger Pretzels! by punctuationprecise (MMPR-Samurai, various)
- Music Video: Mike's Sacrifice by catt021 (Samurai, Mike/Emily)
- Music Video: How to Save a Life by NickMadisonFan (Samurai)
- Joke Video: "Unexpected Arrival" in 60 seconds by catt021 (Samurai)

Notable Discussion

Under the cutCollapse )

Editor's Note

You may have noticed that, over the last few weeks, the SR has been bouncing back and forth between Sunday and Monday. Originally this was due to schedule slips and real life intervening on us, but the editors collectively realized that Monday actually works a lot better for us, not least because we can get the entire week into each issue without worrying about missing out on any fandom stuff put up Sunday afternoon and evening. So basically, expect the SR to drop every Monday from now on. However, also expect each issue to only hold items from Monday to Sunday; ie. anything fandom related that went up today is not guaranteed to be in this post.

Also, for those of you into Super Sentai, Power Rangers' Japanese source material, do note that their weekly newsletter, finalauraburst, has been back up and running for about a month now. We know a friggin lot of you are watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, so perhaps this may interest you. :)

Did we miss anything? Got news for the next report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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