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May 2nd, 2011


The Spandex Report
May 1, 2011

- Last week we mentioned the theory that "a lot of folks think Samurai's ratings would get a significant bump if the show moved new episodes to Saturdays permanently". Looks like that's about to be tested, as the next episodes we have airdates for have indeed been moved from Sunday up to Saturday. Please to be changing your DVR settings!
- Our own [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl attended No Pink Spandex Live this weekend, alongside quite a few of our followers. Word from the masses is that the event was "freaking amazing" and that David Yost is the nicest ever. We're glad everyone had fun! For those who couldn't make it, pictures and video are coming in the future.
- The Samurai Rangers visit the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll.
- The Samurai Rangers also stopped by a school in Arkansas as part of their emPOWER program. Click here to learn more about the emPOWER program.

Next Episode Airtimes

- Samurai - Room for One More (Nickelodeon - May 7, 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Episode 13 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Nickelodeon - May 14, 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Episode 14 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Nickelodeon - Unknown airdate)

Room for One More episode synopsis, spoilers, highlight to read -=- Jayden's childhood friend and self-made Samurai Antonio struggles to be accepted by the team as the Gold Ranger. -=-

Blogs, RPGs, and Communities

- [community profile] remix_goes_wild is currently allowing signups to remix fic, to have your fic remixed, or both. Rules can be seen here, and several PR fans who are already participating would love to see more representation; it's a low-pressure challenge, so you won't be overwhelmed.
- Unexpected Arrival Episode Discussion here. Unpexpected Arival - Shinkenger okay discussion here.
- pr_meta's weekly discussion is all about Billy.


- Blue and White (The College Remix) by Anonymous (remix of College is for Meeting People by revieloutionne, Turbo/Wild Force crossover, Alyssa/Justin, G/K)
- Chase by Anonymous (remix of Run by [personal profile] angel_negra, Operation Overdrive, OC-centric, PG-13/T)
- Earth Song ch. 6 by dj_rocca (NS/JF, PG-13/T)
- An Infinite Legacy (the Rangers of Earth Remix) by Anonymous (remix of Legacy of Power by [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl, franchise crossover, PG-13/T)
- Jive Turkey (Investigative Backbeat Remix) by Anonymous (remix of Jive Turkey by [personal profile] arrow, Ninja Storm, G/K)
- My Looking-Glass Self parts 1, 2, and 3 by lielabell (Adam/Tommy, R/M)
- Not Going To Wave Some White Flag by m14mouse (Jungle Fury, PG-13/T)
- Sleepover by [personal profile] noxelementalist (Samurai, Jayden/Mike, PG/K+)
- Somewhere Over the Rainbow by anolinde (Lightspeed Rescue, PG/K+)
- Wayward Son ch. 5 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (Stargate Atlantis/PR crossover, Justin-centric, PG-13/T)


- Artwork: Zordooooooon... by NoriChama
- Artwork: My Childhood Heroes by SirMWayneKofViolence
- Artwork: Jungle Fury Red by SCCSkwerl
- Artwork: S.P.D. - Jack and Z by Autumn-Sacura
- Artwork: Just The Way That We Do by a-theifs-soul
- Artwork: The Pink Ranger by Soulyss
- Cosplay: GO GO POWER RANGERS by Empath12
- Cosplay: Power Rangers and the Sith by Walter666bonham
- Cosplay: Anime Detour 2011 pic62 by GeneralRaivis
- Cosplay: WHITE RANGER TIGER POWER by xGekkoXStatex
- Crafts: Bratz Boyz Dustin in Nature by Rogue-Ranger
- Crafts: Bratz Boyz Rocker Dustin by Rogue-Ranger
- Crafts: Bratz Boyz Dustin Lazy Evening by Rogue-Ranger


- borrowedphrases posted screencaps from RPM episode Ranger Green (1109 caps).

Notable Discussion

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Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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