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April 10th, 2011

Spandex Report - 04-10-11

The Spandex Report
Spike's crush mirrors that of thousands of 11-14 year olds in 1993.
April 10, 2011

- The Samurai Rangers showed up at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards last weekend. Several pictures are floating around, and they also participated in an interview with Nick UK.

Next Episode Airtimes

- Samurai - Jayden's Challenge (Nickelodeon - Apr. 17, 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Episode 11 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Nickelodeon - Unknown day in May 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Episode 12 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Nickelodeon - Unknown day in May 2011 at 12:00pm)

Jayden's Challenge episode synopsis, spoilers, highlight to read -=- Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harms way, but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers. -=-


- Random Crap Podcast Episode 83 - Discussion on the PRS episode There Go the Brides.

Blogs, RPGs, and Communities

- ranger_recaps posted recaps of The Whole Lie and Glyph Hanger.
- pr_samurai has discussion posts up for Test of the Leader: PR-Only Post/For comparisons to the Sentai version.
- Truncated Power Rangers: Episode 9 - "Big Things & Little Packages"
- It's been quite a while since the last Power Rangers friending meme; consider checking out the newest one!


- Crashed by magen_was_here (SPD, Jack/Sky, PG-13/T)
- Like a Runaway Train (sequel to Crashed) by magen_was_here (SPD, Jack/Sky, PG-13/T)
- Earth Song chs. 2 and 3 by dj_rocca (NS/JF, PG-13/T)
- Test Anxiety by [personal profile] rivulet027 (Adam/Rocky, Justin-centric, PG-13/T)
- Starting Over in a New Dimension by [personal profile] rivulet027 (Power Rangers/Whoniverse crossover, Jack/Ianto, Jack/John(past), Kim/Tommy(breakup), Gwen/Rhys, R/M)
- The Possibility of Still Being Evil by [personal profile] rivulet027 (Fred/Justin, mentions Rita/Zedd, PG-15/T)
- Let's Get This Party Started by [personal profile] psyco_chick32 (InuYasha/Mighty Morphin, Kim-centric, PG-13/T)
- Quiet Night at Home by [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl (Early Samurai, Adam/Rocky, G/K)
- True North chs. 3 and 4 by Seren Maris (pre-SPD, Bridge/Sky pre-slash, PG-13/T)
- A Divine Conspiracy ch. 10 by Griddlebone (Mighty Morphin AU, Tommy/Kim, Jason/Trini, PG-13/T)
- Standing Tall and Standing Proud by m14mouse (AU team with canon characters, G/K)
- Pizza Break by m14mouse (Jungle Fury, PG-13/T)
- Summer Boys Part One: Year of the Trio ch. 49 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (RPM, Scott/Flynn/Summer, PG-13/T)
- Wayward Son chs. 2 and 3 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (Stargate Atlantis/PR crossover, Justin-centric, PG-13/T)
- Warlord's Daughter ch. 11 by [personal profile] guardian_of_hope (Ninja Storm, Shane/OC, PG-13/T)


- Artwork: Green Dino Ranger by DawgHusky
- Artwork: red guardian by Franxz
- Artwork: Selfportrait as Rita Repulsa by frederikvandyck
- Artwork: greenrangerslovechicken by mikedestructive
- Artwork: Astronema by ckrauss
- Cosplay: Black Rangers by Primera-Espada-Stark
- Cosplay: POWER RANGERS GO by DeliriousB
- Cosplay: I'm With Him by Kronos2501
- Cosplay: Dragon Ranger by Kronos2501
- Cosplay: Power Rangers by Captain-Marmote
- Cosplay: white ranger at the wondercon by agis261
- Cosplay: Where's Your God Now? by Kuroikii
- Cosplay: Go Go Power Rangers kur by RCwidjaja

Pictures and Screencaps

- borrowedphrases posted screencaps from RPM episodes Fade to Black (1033 caps), Rain (1006), and Go for the Green (1085).


- Music Video: Don't Turn Out the Lights by NickMadisonFan (Andros/Ashley, Carter/Dana, Wes/Jen, Trent/Kira, Nick/Madison, Dillon/Summer, Jayden/Emily)
- Music Video: The best is yet to come by catt021 (Samurai, Jayden/Kevin)

Notable Discussion

Under the cutCollapse )

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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