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March 27th, 2011

Spandex Report - 03-27-11

The Spandex Report
Fans of 'The Power of Pink' Unite!
March 27, 2011

- Among many things the fandom has been up in arms about recently (including events from today's episode we won't be discussing here due to spoiler issues; you can read up and talk about it here), the news has dropped that executive producer Jonathan Tzachor apparently feels the Disney seasons should all be treated as non-canon. Discussion on the subject can be seen at the following places.

Next Episode Airtimes

- Samurai - Test of the Leader (Nickelodeon - Apr. 10, 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Episode 10 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Nickelodeon - Apr. 17, 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Episode 11 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Nickelodeon - Unknown day in May 2011 at 12:00pm)
- Samurai - Episode 12 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Nickelodeon - Unknown day in May 2011 at 12:00pm)

Test of the Leader episode synopsis, spoilers, highlight to read -=- A Nighlok is sent to stop the Red Ranger from using his special power to seal Master Xandred in the Netherworld forever, but their duel is interrupted by the mysterious Deker. -=-


- No Pink Spandex Episode 127: Mike! Mia! SpongeBob! Kevin! - Power Rangers Samurai Episode 7 "I Got a Spell on Blue" and Jonathan Tzachor Rumors.
- Ranger Bar Episode 14: The People VS Jonathan Tzachor - In an emergency session the Ranger Bar crew talks about the rumored statements of Power Rangers Samurai Executive Producer Jonathan Tzachor.
- Ranger Bar Episode 15: Chris Funaro Sets The Record Straight - Chris Funaro sits down with us to talk about the latest controversy and moving forward.

Blogs, RPGs, and Communities

- ranger_recaps celebrates their two year anniversary, and follows it up with recaps of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie part 1 and 2, Shift Into Turbo part 1, 2, and 3, and Shadow Rangers.
- pr_samurai has discussion posts up for Forest for the Trees: PR-Only Post/For comparisons to the Sentai version.


- Earth Song by dj_rocca (NS/JF, PG-13)
- The Other Side of the Coin by kaitlia777 (MMPR, PG)
- Yellow Ranger Club by [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl (Multi-season, PG)
- Not Quite Alone by [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl (NS/DT, PG)
- UnSubs and Agents and Ninjas, Oh My by [personal profile] hagar_972 (NS/Criminal Minds, PG)
- Two plus two makes three by [personal profile] hagar_972 (NS, Hunter/Tori/Blake, R, incest, genderswap)
- Between the Desert and the Sea, parts 2 + 3 by [personal profile] hagar_972 (NS, R)


- prgirlsrock posted some Turbo gifs.
- Trini Yellow Ranger by dangerman-1973 (MMPR)
- Green Ranger Movie Style by sricketts (MMPR)
- Power Ranger Melty beads by jackel328 (MMPR)
- Jason the Red Ranger by darkssj3goku (MMPR)
- Taylor Earhardt sketch by amulet-spade-miki (WF)
- Power Rangers Jungle Fury Red, Green Mighty Morphin Ranger by powerranger02 (JF, MMPR)
- Go Go Zombie Rangers by demonicneko (MMPR)
- C2E2 2011 Sketch Kat Manx by saulone (SPD)
- morphin time is over by justblah (MMPR)
- Navy Thunder Ranger II by sdmarquez (NS)
- Go Go Power Rangers by troyessinger (MMPR)
- Power Rangers Aura Mask comic by leveyyes (Zeo/Original team)
- Billy Blue Ranger by mrjriddle (MMPR)

Pictures and Screencaps

- paynesgrey posted some motivational posters from PRS's Fish Out of Water: 2 here and 1 here.


- Music Video: BACK TO ACTION by heropower (Multi-season)
- Music Video: That Should Be Me by singerstars (MMPR, Jason/Kim/Tommy triangle)
- Music Video: The Best Is Yet To Come by catt021 (Samurai, Jayden+Kevin friendship)
- Music Video: If They Call It Heartache by jenndubya (Mutli-season)

Notable Discussion

Under the cutCollapse )

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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