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January 9th, 2011

Spandex Report - 01-09-11

The Spandex Report
Pudgy Pig is the Cutest Plushy Ever
January 9, 2011


- Samurai Rangerprofiles now airing. Here are the promos for the Red and Pink Rangers.
- Offical premiere date is completely offical.
- Samurai Ranger themesong clip released. Video is here.
- Judd Lynn Interview.


- No Pink Spandex Episode 119: Year in Review - Review the top Ranger-related news of 2010, and a bunch others!
- Rangerbar Episode 3 Season 2- The Wanna Be Ranger & Putty on the Brain

Blogs, RPGs, and Communities

- heropower: Sentai vs. Power Rangers -- What's the Difference?
- ranger_recaps:Episode 166- A Few Bad Seeds
- ranger_recaps:Episode 167 - Instrument of Destruction
- ranger_recaps:Episode 168- Mean Screen
- ranger_recaps:Episode 169 - Mr. Billy's Wild Ride
- ranger_recaps:Episode 170- There's No Business Like Snow Part 1
- ranger_recaps:Episode 171 - There's No Business Like Snow Business - Part 2
- ranger_recaps:Episode 172- There's No Business Like Snow Business Part 3


- Amalgam Chapter 5 by not_a_reptile (OO/RPM, PG-13)
- Failed Attempt at Game Night by rosabelle (PRiS, Andros/Ashley, PG)
- Eric Myers: Social Butterfly by megthelegend (Multi-season, PG-13)
- Jack Landors Saves Christmas by mariko_azrael (SPD, Jack/Sky, PG)
- New Rule by rivulet027 (Turbo, Jason/Kim, PG-13)
- When You Can Give Them Back by y2jdingo (WF/TF, Eric/Taylor and Cole/Alyssa, PG)
- Under The Stars by starlit_purple (PRiS, Ashley/Andros, G)
- Better Than old Times by queenriley (MMPR, Adam/Rocky, G)
- Jive Turkey by itsbuttery (NS, PG)
- Familiar Faces by tsukino_akume (DT, PG)
- Deep Revelations and Muppets by tptigger (Turbo, PG-13)
- A Meeting Years in the Making by psyco_chick32 (MMPR, Billy/Trini, G)
- Cloak, Dad, Anger by revieloutionne (TF, Lucas/Nadira, G)
- "Alien" Rangers by anolinde (MMAR, PG)
- Other Side by lilyleia78 (OaR, G)
- Faith in Lilith (Mistake) by silvercaladan (MF, Nick/Vida, Nick/Chip, R)
- Six Months by rivulet027 (PRiS, PG-13)
- Learning to Trust Again by rivulet027 (MMPR, Adam/Skull, Bulk/Skull, PG-13)
- Always a (Second) Chance by second_batgirl (OaR, PG)
- If History Repeats Itself... by lielabell (MMPR, PG-13)
- Forgotten Dreams by van (May contain triggering content, PRiS, PG-13)
- Same Ranger Time, Same Ranger Channel by ryuutchi (Mult-season, PG)
- Bridging the Gap by pockythoughts (SPD, G)
- Monster Attack Special by shigeki_jkp (JF, G)
- A not So Perfect Christmas by annethundr05 (PRiS, Andros/Carlos, PG)
- Rocky DeSantos, Stealer of Lunch and Hearts (Mostly Lunch) by megthelegend (MMPR, Rocky/Adam, PG-13)
- Set the Night on Fire by lielabell (MMPR, Adam/Rocky, PG-13)
- Return of an Old Friend by revieloutionne (Zeo, Billy/Kim, PG-13)
- Left Behind by queenriley (Turbo, G)
- Sightless but Not Blind by M14Mouse (SPD, T)
- This is Where the Party Started by M14Mouse (MF, T)
- Weakness by walutahanga (MMPR, M, Rita/Zedd, Darkfic)
- The Power of Friends Chapter 29 by Guardian of Hope (Multi-Season, PG-13)
- Summer's Boys Chapter 39 by Guardian of Hope (RPM, Scott/Flynn/Summer, PG-13)
- Answering the Call Chapter 10 by JTrevizo (MMPR, Tommy/Kim, PG-13)
- Divine Conspiracy Chapter 9 (MMPR, Jason/Trini, Tommy/Kim, PG-13)
- What I've Done by lord_spyridon (Warnings for graphic violence and torture, MMPR, Tommy/Kim, R)


- Tori Icons by prgirlsrock (NS)
- In Space Icons by prgirlsrock (PRiS)
- Random Icons by prgirlsrock (Multi-season)
- Turbo Icons by prgirlsrock (Turbo)
- 40 Zeo Icons by maybellineicons (Zeo)
- 54 icons by shirley_chong (OO and RPM)
- Lord Zedd by fuzzyfigureguy (MMPR)
- Yellow Ranger Ladies by gillette-x (Multi-season)
- Tommy and Kimberly Fight by aurawinter (MMPR)
- MMPR Experiment Beta by elnerodiablo (MMPR)
- Pudgy Pig by Fuzzyfigureguy (MMPR)
- Green Ranger by jerzydrozd (MMPR)
- Lord Zedd by James Austin Valiant (MMPR)
- Power Rangers Movie Yellow by Shogun86 (MMPR)
- PRMF 2nd Wallpaper by scottasl (MF)
- Go Go Power Rangers by joeshiba (MMPR)


- Music Video: As We Collide by Jenndubya (Tommy/Kat, Ziggy/K, Jarrod/Camille)
- Music Video: Black and Blue by 1aurien (RPM/Kamen Rider)
- Music Video: Family by sernity230 (MMPR)

Notable Discussion

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Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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