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March 9th, 2008


The Spandex Report
Remember, Spring Forward, not Back

March 9, 2008

- While the rumour that PR is going animated has been shot down, Disney is teaming up with Toei (The people who make Sentai) for several other animated projects. This may indicate that we can look forward to another season of live action PR if the two companies are staying on good terms.

Next Episode Airtimes
- Jungle Fury - Welcome to the Jungle 1 & 2 (ABC Kids - Mar. 22 at 12:00pm)
- Jungle Fury - Sigh of the Tiger (ABC Kids - Mar. 29 at 12:30pm)
- Jungle Fury - A Taste of Poison (ABC Kids - April 5 at 12:30 p.m)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 10 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 17 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 24 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 31 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Apr 21 at 8:00pm)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Apr 27 at 8:30pm)

- The Power Rangers Zeo boxset release date has been pushed back to May 19. As with the previous boxsets, they contain both German and English tracks. Price is currently at 26.99 Euros.
- For JF toys, there's a look at a possible secondary Megazord here, this DOES contain spoilers.
- Pictures of the kid-friendly Jungle Chucks, also includes a helmet mask.

- Rangercast Episode 80: A Conversation with Valerie Vernon (Mar. 8) - Rangercast brings a very special episode this time, a conversation with Valerie Vernon, aka Kendrix from Lost Galaxy.


- The Inherent Dangers of Bonding by lilyleia78 (SPD, Jack/Sky, PG)
- Jello Shortage by lilyleia78 (SPD, Jack/Sky, PG)
- Deserving Jack by lilyleia78 (SPD, Jack/Sky, PG)
- Ridin' in Your Car by lilyleia78 (SPD, Jack/Sky, PG-13)
- 'The Talk' by lilyleia78 (SPD, Jack/Sky, PG)
- First Day, part 4/4 by welleg_fic (AU, Leo/Kai, PG-13)
- The Past Returns by welleg_fic (AU, Leo/Kai, R)
- The End by welleg_fic (AU, Leo/Kai, PG-13)
- Jewels Shall Light My Way Home, part 1 of Chapter 3, Part 2 of Chapter 3 by m14mouse (MF, Chip, PG-13)
- Bright Skies, part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 by tsukino_akume (AU, multi-season, multi-pairing, PG-13)
- Winter Warmth, part 7 by mariko_azrael (AU, Katie/Trip, G)
- Nowhere Near by scifislasher (AU, Jack/Sky, PG)
- Wolf Moon Rising by scifislasher (AU, Jack/Sky, PG-13)
- "Two Faces" and "Always a Price" by scifislasher (SPD, Sky/Dru, both PG)
- What's Most Important by mariko_azrael (TF/Timeranger, Sion/Trip - implied Sion/Trip/Domon/Katie, G)
- Untitled by welleg_fic (LG, Leo/Kai, NC-17)
- Marshmallow by shurifanstuffs (SPD, Bridge/Sky, PG-13)
- Memoirs of a Master by Jade Tate (JF, RJ, PG)
- Dark Wing, part 20 by Jade Tate (AU, Jason/Kim, R)
- Jungle Karma Pizza Specials by JDPhoenix (JF, PG)
- I'd Rather We Didn't by M.L. Shards (OO, Adam/Kira, G)
- Flashes of the Everyday by m14mouse (MF, Chip/Vida, PG-13)
- Nikutai no Kizuna by DJ Rocca (JF, PG-13)

Fanfic Memes
- shurimon has this week's round-up of the two anonymous memes. Both filled and unfilled requests. Feel free to come play.
- kikos_ai has started a cheer up meme, come post a ficlet - any fandom - for someone you know is having a crappy time. There's also a List of what's already been shared.

- Power Up by Jeff Destroy (MMPR, Green Ranger)
- Son of Lord Zedd and Rita by MMPR (OO, Thrax)
- Lily by Puppeatster (JF)

Pictures and Screencaps
- welleg_fic posted a mini Kai picspam.
- jadelynvision posted a picspam for JF episode 3, A Taste of Poison. Warning: Image heavy!
- Various pictures from rangers_daily: Emma Lahanna, Sally Martin and Glenn McMillan
- Various manips from icanhasmegazord: MF (One with profanity, so NWS)

- jadelynvision is offering to cap scenes for people. Learn more here

- Music Video: Foolish Games by Catt001 (JF, RJ/Casey)
- Music Video: It Will Be Me byjadelynvision (TF, Wes/Jen)

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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