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March 2nd, 2008

March 2, 2008

The Spandex Report
Cause the Ship Wars for Jungle Fury have officially begun

March 2, 2008

Next Episode Airtimes
- Jungle Fury - Welcome to the Jungle 1 & 2 (ABC Kids - Mar. 22 at 12:00pm)
- Jungle Fury - Sigh of the Tiger (ABC Kids - Mar. 29 at 12:30pm)
- Jungle Fury - A Taste of Poison (Toon Disney - Mar. 3 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 5 (Toon Disney - Mar. 10 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 6 (Toon Disney - Mar. 17 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 7 (Toon Disney - Mar. 24 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 8 (Toon Disney - Mar. 31 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)

- The Power Rangers Zeo boxset is set for release on April 14 of this year. As with the previous boxsets, they contain both German and English tracks. Price is currently at 26.99 Euros.
- For JF toys, there's a look at the Megazord with add on Zords here, this DOES contain spoilers.
- Possible first look at the JF Battleizer, again, SPOILERS.

- Rangercast Episode 78: On Location @ Katsucon 14 (Feb. 21) - Various highlights of the con, including a very nice interview with Johnny Yong Bosch, including some music from his band, Eyeshine.
- Rangercast Episode 79: Here We Go Again (Feb. 24) - The crew tackles Welcome to the Jungle 1 & 2

A Reason to Stay by aisho_ren (SPD, Jack/Sky)
- Back and Forward by Funky in Fishnet (OO, Tyzonn/Vella)
- Jewels Should Light My Way Home CH. 2 by m14mouse(MF, Post OaR, Chip)
- Colors: Choices by purplestripe66(SPD, Sky)
- Colors: What Has Come Before by purplestripe66(SPD, Sky)
- Team Building With Jack Landors (Spirit) by starandrea(SPD, Jack)
- Sleepover by queenoftheskies(MM, R, Aisha/Kim)
- Memories of You by queenoftheskies(MM, R, Dulcea/Zordon)
- Sleeping Aid by mariko_azrael(Timeranger/Time Force, G, Domon/Katie)
- Sharing by mariko_azrael (TF, G, Katie/Trip)
- People Versus Destiny by mariko_azrael(TF, G, Wes/Eric, Trip)
- Desentization II by windchaserc(SPD, PG, Bridge/Sky)
- For You by shurifanstuffs(SPD, G, Bridge/Sky)
- Reasons by shurifanstuffs(SPD, G, Bridge/Sky)
- Dark Wings CH 18 by JadeTate (SPD, R, Jason/Kim)
- Of Love and Bunnies CH. 90 & CH. 91 by CrazyGirl47 (MMPR/DT, humorfic, T/PG-13)
- The Real Reason Tommy Lost His Powers by RevolutionChick (PG-13, Crackfic, Jason)
- Quirky by M.L. Shards (JF, Trio)
- See Through Skies by M14Mouse (NS-MF, PG-13, Dustin & Chip)
- The Midnight Hour by cmar_wingnut (TF, NC-17, Wes/Eric)

Fic Memes
- Anonymous PR Fic Meme (G- through PG-13 version can be found here, the R through NC-17 version can be found here). A Weekly roundup can be found here.

- 15 JF Icons from shurifanstuffs
- 15 Sigh of the Tiger Icons & 15 JF icons, 8 JF banners by jadetate
- 15 Various Icons (though only 1 PR) by angel_negra

Pictures and Screencaps
- Picspam of Welcome to the Jungle 1 & 2 & Sigh of the Tiger by jadelynvision
- Various Manips in icanhasmegazord: JF, JF 2

- A new LJ community for Jungle Fury has started up--jungle_karma
- A new RPG for PR has started up and is looking for members--pr_generations

- Music Video: Jungle Shifting by MetallicRanger (Jungle Fury)
- Music Video: No Giving Up by MetallicRanger (OO, Mack)
- Musical Tribute: PRUnited Tribute by Brezo18 (All Seasons)
- Music Video: Take Me or Leave Me by mmmpopfanatic (OO, Rose/Ronny)

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com


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