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February 17th, 2008


The Spandex Report
PR News is scared of me, but fanfic loves me

February 17, 2008


- The writer's strike is officially over.

Next Episode Airtimes
- Jungle Fury - Welcome to the Jungle 1 & 2 (Jetix/Toon Disney - February 18 7:00pm/7:30pm, ABC Kids - Mar. 22 at 12:00pm)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Jetix/Toon Disney - February 25 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Mar. 29 at 12:30pm)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 3 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 10 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 17 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 24 at 8:00pm?, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 31 at 8:00pm?, ABC Kids - Unknown)

- Big Bad Toy Store has Go-Onger toys up for preview, this will be the 2009 PR team, so they are spoilerish. Check it out here.
- Someone brings up, and posts pictures, from the UK PR comics, now featuring PROO
- For JF toys, animalized versions and the savage spin action figures are being talked about here.

- Rangercast Episode 77: We're not recording this... right? (Feb. 15) - Random shooting the breeze.


- Cupcakes by terrierlee (OO, Mack, Dax, G)
- Constellations - Mind Of My Own - Betrayal III ch 23. by hagar_972 (NS, Shane/Hunter, PG-13)
- The Good Kind of Crazy ch 3 by feline_feral (MMPR, Billy/Jason, G)
- Team Building with Jack Landors, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16 by starandrea (SPD, PG-13)
- Winter Warmth, Part 5, Part 6 by mariko_azrael (TF, Trip/Katie, G)
- Why Cruger Banned Valentine's Day by shoujokakumei (SPD, Jack/Sky/Bridge/Z/Syd, PG-13)
- Valentines by shurifanstuffs (SPD, Bridge/Sky, NC-17)
- Breakfast by y2jdingo (NS, Blake, Hunter, PG)
- Shadows of the Mind, Part 2 by lttledvl_writes (SPD/Babylon 5, PG-13)
- Something Deeper Lurks by lttledvl_writes (SPD, Bridge/Boom, PG-13)
- Like You Care by eerian_sadow (MMPR, Zack/Billy, PG-13)
- Can't Fight the Moonlight by JadeTate (WF/MF, Merrick/Clare, PG)
- Of Love and Bunnies ch. 87, ch. 88, ch. 89 by CrazyGirl47 (MMPR/DT, humorfic, T/PG-13)
- Quest for the Lunati Treasure ch. 5, ch. 6 by D.Nic (Boukenger/Operation Overdrive reimagining, T/PG-13)
- Tragedy by JDPhoenix (Jason, PG)
- Just a Girl by JDPhoenix (Kira, PG)
- Ars Amatoria Theme Challenge: Nick and Madison by MizBiz (MF, Nick/Madison, PG)

Fanfic Requests

- shirtless_guyz is requesting Xander/Daggeron fanfic here.

- Ghost Green by Retinence (MMPR)
- Red Ranger by PatiLee (LG)

Pictures and Screencaps
- Various pictures from rangers_daily: Angie Diaz
- Various manips from icanhasmegazord: iS/Turbo/WF/MMPR, MMPR/WF, MMPR/Zeo

- Humour: Mystic Force by ThaliaSandy (MF)
- Music Video: Love by ThaliaSandy (NS/DT/MF, Kira/Tommy, Madison/Xander, Chip/Vida, Tori/Dustin)
- Music Video: That Don't Impress Me Much by Ryuuseicha (MF)
- Fanfic Trailer: A Race to Remember by Brezo18 (OO/Timeranger, Ronny/Ayase)

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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