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February 10th, 2008

Spandex Report - 02-10-08

The Spandex Report
February 10, 2008

- A promo for the Jungle Fury enemy Dai Shi joins the already aired Red, Yellow, and Blue Ranger promos.
- In addition to going animated, another possibility for PR that has been leaked is filming moving from New Zealand to Canada.
- A video editor is asking for people with the closest voice matches to the Dino Thunder cast to help with a missing Abaranger footage adaptation project.
- The WGA Writer's Strike shows evidence of finishing up. This is tentative; the potential contract needs to be ratified by guild members during a 48-hour voting process within the next few days. The contract seems to be a "take it or leave it" deal however, so if the WGA refuses, the strike will go on until June at the earliest. If the attitude of the WGA higher-ups is any indication though, it will be accepted.
- Rumors about Engine Sentai Go-onger's title when it's adapted for PR in 2009 start to surface. While this is two to four months too early for trademarked/finalized titles to be appearing, working titles for seasons do tend to show up at about this time. However, these particular rumors seem to just be fan-daydreaming, as no official source has said anything about it yet.
- Inside sources leak the info that Big Bad Beetleborgs will likely be airing on Cartoon Network as a segueway to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight's fall premiere. As it's just a slot-waster, it may not keep airing after that point.
- Speaking of Dragon Knight, Riderpower reports that Carrie Reichenbach will be playing the role of Kamen Rider Siren. Unless the Wang brothers pull a Saban, this will be the only female Rider of twelve in the season. Info on the original Japanese Siren (with plot spoilers) can be seen here.

Next Episode Airtimes
- Operation Overdrive - Crown and Punishment (ABC Kids - Feb. 16 at 12:30pm)
- Jungle Fury - Welcome to the Jungle I and II (Toon Disney - Feb. 18 at 7:00pm, ABC Kids - Mar. 22 at 12:00pm)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 3 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Toon Disney - Feb. 25 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Mar. 29 at 12:30pm)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 4 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 3 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 5 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 10 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 6 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 17 at 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 7 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 24 at 8:00pm?, ABC Kids - Unknown)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 8 [Title Spoiler]Collapse ) (Toon Disney - Mar. 31 at 8:00pm?, ABC Kids - Unknown)

- "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Complete Season 3" saw release 13 days ago. Season 1 and Season 2 have been available for a while now. Season 3's price has been dropped to 25.79€ ($37.42), which makes slightly more sense than its previous price of several euros above Season 1 and 2's 26.99€ ($38.83), considering S3 has less episodes. Speaking of less episodes, the Masked Rider crossover "A Friend in Need" is at the end of the S2 DVD instead of the start of the S3 one.
- Operation Overdrive DVD's Vol. 4 "Star of Isis" and Vol. 5 "Pink Emerald" hit stores in two days. Vol. 4 contains episodes 20 to 25 (this includes the "Once a Ranger" teamup), while Vol. 5 contains episodes 26 to 32.
- The Jungle Fury toyline will include figures of MMPR Green and White Rangers, Zeo Gold Ranger, and Lord Zedd. Information about their likely rarity and how to get a hold of them here.

- Rangercast Episode 76: Trust the Engrish (Feb. 8) - The crew discusses early Ultraman, Kamen Rider Kiva, Engine Sentai Go-onger, the new Jungle Fury episode titles, Katsucon (which Johnny Yong Bosch will be appearing at), and the possibility of the filming of PR moving from New Zealand to Canada.

- The Wake by angel_negra (Time Force, Wes/Eric, K+/PG)
- House Hunting by angel_negra (Time Force, Wes/Eric, K/G)
- And Then Some by obsessivemuch (Zeo, Adam/Tanya, K/G)
- Fathers, Be Good to Your Daughters by madkrazyghetto (S.P.D./Veronica Mars crossover, Duncan/Bridge, K/G)
- Hollywood Unfriendly by mariko_azrael (Operation Overdrive, Dax/Rose, K/G)
- The Byron Lover's Revenge by mariko_azrael (Operation Overdrive, Mack/Rose, K/G)
- The Way We Are by lttledvl_writes (S.P.D., Sky/Z, K+/PG)
- Fallen Idol ch. 1 by shurifanstuffs (S.P.D., Sky/Dru, eventual Sky/Bridge, M/R)
- Lessons by shurifanstuffs (S.P.D., Sky/Dru, MA/NC-17)
- Wake-Up Call by shurifanstuffs (S.P.D., Sky/Bridge, MA/NC-17)
- Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai! by saturniia (MMPR AU, K/G)
- Dark Wings ch. 17 by jadetate (Turbo AU, T/PG-13)
- Of Love and Bunnies ch. 86 by CrazyGirl47 (MMPR/DT, humorfic, T/PG-13)
- Quest for the Lunati Treasure ch. 4 by D.Nic (Boukenger/Operation Overdrive reimagining, T/PG-13)
- The Mastodon in Switzerland by JDPhoenix (MMPR, K/G)
- Look Over Here by M.L. Shards (Operation Overdrive, Mack/Kira, K+/PG)
- Superheroes Always Get the Girl by M14Mouse (Mystic Force, Chip/Vida, K+/PG)
- Hug a Guinea Pig by M14Mouse (Ninja Storm, K/G)
- When I Close My Eyes It's You I See by MizBiz (Operation Overdrive, Mack/Rose, K/G)
- Children of Light ch. 7 by MoonGoddessShadow (Mystic Force, Nick/Madison, T/PG-13)

- Fanart: Tommy Oliver -- Dark Memories by admiral_chowder
- Fanart: Power Rangers Jungle Fury by stratosmacca (WARNING: mid-season spoilers)
- Fanart: MMPR - Enter Evil Green by ryutsume
- Fanart: Dino Thunder Zords by baddogg
- Fanart: Omega Ranger by omegaseraphx
- Fanart: Dino Fury Megazord by DABackPageComics

Pictures and Screencaps
- Various pictures from rangers_daily: Justin Nimmo, Katrina Browne, and Vernon Wells
- Various manips from icanhasmegazord: Turbo/In Space

- Music Video: No Need for Sympathy by MetallicRanger (S.P.D., Sky-centric)
- Music Video: Valley of the Shadow of Death by RevolutionChick (Time Force)
- Music Video: Invisible by singerstars (S.P.D., Sky/Syd)
- Music Video: Time After Time by born2reborn (Crossover, Sky/Ronny)
- Fic Trailer/Music Video: Dark Wings: Down the Road by jadetate (Turbo AU, spoilers for chapters not yet posted)

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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