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January 20th, 2008


The Spandex Report
Tumbleweeds eat all the current PR News, film at 11!

January 14, 2008


- Kids in India are getting a treat as Lenovo 3000 is currently unveiling limited edition PR themed desktops. More details here.
- Matt Austin still hasn't closed down letters/videos for the documentary. Join in if you haven't already.
- The Anime Central convention still has Jason David Frank, Steve Cardenas and Karan Ashley to it's list of guests. As well as a call for Bulk and Skull, demands are starting for Johnny Young Bosch (And Eyeshine) and Ed Neill. More details are here.

Next Episode Airtimes
- Operation Overdrive - Nothing to Lose (ABC Kids - Feb. 2 at 12:30pm)
- Jungle Fury - Welcome to the Jungle 1 & 2 (Jetix/Toon Disney - February 18 7:00pm/7:30pm, ABC Kids - Mar. 22 at 12:00pm)
- Jungle Fury - Title SpoilerCollapse ) (Jetix/Toon Disney - February 25 8:00pm, ABC Kids - Mar. 29 at 12:30pm)

- Another look at the ToyFare article on the Jungle Fury action figures and the Lord Zee and Tommy chaser figures is here. Nothing that wasn't mentioned in the thread linked in the last Report, but it's in its own thread, so there's less extra info to weed through.

- Rangercast Episode 74: The Newsless News Show (Jan. 19) - Talk about Jungle Fury promos and titles; talking about the Anime Central PR guests and the first list for the 2008 con tour; disspelling rumours about someone from Rangercast emailing a Rangerboard member; talk and clips from the New York Rangerboard meet up.


- Delinquent by silvercaladan (MF, Xander, Chip, R)
- Untitled (ch. 8) by blu_eyed_demon (Adam/Rocky, PG-13)
- Cleopatra Style by scifislasher (Rocky/Adam, PG)
- Eye of the Beholder by scifislasher (Jack/Sky, PG-13)
- Subconscious Suggestion by scifislasher (Adam/Rocky, G)
- Early Morning View by scifislasher (Adam/Skull, PG)
- Winter Warmth, Part 2 by mariko_azrael (Katie/Trip, G)
- More Than Friends and Brothers, Ch.22, Second half of Ch. 22 by germankitty (Tommy/Jason, NC-17)
- 30kisses fic by welleg_fic (Hunter/Cam, PG-13)
- Open Line by kiresa (Tommy/Hayley, Kira, G)
- Journeys, Ch. 2 by rosabelle (Andros, Zhane, PG-13)
- Colors: Blue by purplestripe66 (Sky/Syd, G)
- Colors: Attitude by purplestripe66 (Sky/Syd, PG-13)
- Earth by queenoftheskies (Dulcea, G)
- Birthright ch. 3 by jadetate (AU post-S.P.D., T/PG-13)
- Dark Wings ch. 15 by jadetate (Turbo, T/PG-13)

- 15 SPD Icons All Sky by shurifanstuffs
- PR Operation Overdrive comic page by Mongoosemacloud
- PR Mystic Force comic pages by Mongoosemacloud
- Go Go Power Rangers, MMPR image by Miyavihoney

Pictures and Screencaps
- Various pictures from rangers_daily: Alison McInnis

- Music Video: Pieces of Time by MetallicRanger (Time Force, Wes/Jen)
- Music Video: White With Evil by MetallicRanger (Dino Thunder, Trent)
- Fic Trailer: Dark Wings by jadetate (Turbo AU, fic link above)

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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