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November 11th, 2007

Spandex Report-11/11/07

The Spandex Report
Because You Could Be Doing NaNo But Instead You're Reading Us

November 11, 2007

WGA Strike: Image of Jackie Marchland, PR writer, on strike in front of Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.
Continual fan speculation on how the strike might affect PR.
Rangerboard PR Fan Gathering in New York City Announced, please see the board for details.
Interview with Jason Narvy (Skull)
Canadian Press article warns against showing Power Rangers and other violent tv shows to children under 3.
SPOILER ALERT: Next season's Sentai title leaked. Possible translation of title here.
Release date for the last two PROO DVDs has been announced; February 12th 2008 will see the release of Volume 4, Star of Isis and Volume 5, Pink Emerald. See link for cover art.
SPOILER ALERT: Crown and Punishment, PROO's season finale, has been released on Verizon Fios and in the UK.  Episode downloads and links to its posting on Youtube, as well as reviews and commentary can be found here and here. SPOILERS, CLICK AT OWN RISK.
SPOILER ALERT: The Jetix Jungle Fury website goes live!...sorta?  This thread at RB tries troubleshooting the problems with loading the site and provides screenshots and Youtube links to the JF trailer.

Next Episode Airtimes
Operation Overdrive - Crown and Punishment (Toon Disney - Nov. 12 at 8:00pm EST)
Operation Overdrive- Last day of "Last Dawn of the Aurora" Marathon (Toon Disney-Nov. 11 at 7:00pm EST) 7:00- One Gets Away, 7:30- Once a Ranger 1, 8:00- Once a Ranger II, 8:30- Things Not Said.
Jungle Fury - Episode 1 and 2 (Toon Disney - unknown, ABC Family - Mar. 22 at 12:00pm)

Crown and Punishment episode synopsis, highlight to read -=-The Rangers make their final stand against Flurious in an attempt to save the world from his evil power.-=-

PROO--Sentinel Knight, Kamdor, and Moltor figures have been spotted in toy stores
JF--Images of JF's original megazord
JF-- Reviews for the seven available JF toys also in the same thread.

Rangercast Episode 69 The Cake Script (Nov. 5)- The crew talks about the new PR video game Super Legends, does some episode discussions for Way Back When, Two Fallen Foes, and talks WGA strike and its potential effects on Jungle Fury.

Untitled (Part 1/?) by
blu_eyed_demon, MMPR era (Adam/Rocky)
Five Questions Mack Never Asked by cmar_wingnut, PROO Series AE (Alternate Ending), (Mack)
Of all Things Part 1 by foggynite SPD, post series (Jack/Sky) Series: Direct sequel to "distorted within."
Darkest Hour, Chapter 5: Kat's Solution by mariusgirl PRZ/PRDT (Jason/Kat)
Just A Man, Not A Hero Part 2 by mariusgirl and lttledvl, SPD, (Bridge/Z), Part 1 here
The Things You Don't Know by scifislasher, SPD AU, (Jack/Sky)
Unexpected Conversations by scifislasher, MMPR-era, (Adam/Skull)
Rule the World by scifislasher, SPD AU, (Jack/Sky), previous parts here and here
Chill to the bone by scifislasher, SPD/Dekaranger AU (Jack/Sky, Bridge/Tetsu)
Night-Time Terrors by scifislasher, MMPR-Turbo Post Series, (Adam/Rocky)
Taking the Edge Off by scifislasher, SPD/Dark Angel AU, (Jack/Sky, implied Jack/Bridge)
Weight of the World by scifislasher, SPD AU, (Jack/Sky)
Soul's Bonds Chapter 15 and Chapter 16 by shurifanstuffs, SPD post series (Bridge/Sky)
A Whole New World: Impressions, Fly, Break by windchaserc, SPD, (Jack/OC)
LG Crackish Ficlet by welleg_fic, LG, (Leo/Kai)
Untitled drabble by welleg_fic, LG, (Leo/Kai)


Icons: 100 Bridge Icons (66/100 complete) by shurifanstuffs
Icons: 10 icons (SPD, MF, NS, Syd, Z, Tori) by sakura_akashi
macros/manips: from icanhasmegazord: Leo, Motivational Posters, Zeo and SPD, PR Movies and Max
Banners: 5 MMPR banners by jadetate

Pictures and Screencaps
Images: from rangers_daily Thuy Trang (1,2), Tracy Lynn Cruz, Rhett Fisher, Jorgito Vargas, The Boys of Lost Galaxy (1,2,3), Jason Chan and various PR actors seen on the New Zealand show The Tribe
Screencaps: Episodes Always a Chance, Forever Red, Once A Ranger by welleg_fic
Images: Walter Jones by browniebag
Con Images: Road to PMC Documentary, Part 3 and Part 4 by browniebag

Fanfic Trailer: Corrupted by Revolutionchick (PROO, AU Mack centric)
Music: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme Song on Mario Pant by angrytigerp (humor)
Music Video:
Invisible Man by born2reborn (Chip/Vida/Tsubasa, romance)
Music Video: Norg Music Video by anzapower (humor)

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com


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