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Spandex Report-12/2/07

The Spandex Report
Because I suppose you could say Hanukkah came early
December 2nd, 2007

- Fandom letter writing campaign regarding the rumor that live action PR may end after JF.
- Rangerboard Fan Gathering in New York City on January 12th 2008, Northwest Rangerboard Fan Gathering on the same date.
- Christopher Khayman Lee (Andros) was mentioned in a Daily News article for his role in the 1997 movie Kickboxing Academy opposite his sister, Chyler Leigh. Clips of Christopher and Chyler in Kickboxing Academy can be seen in a Grey's Anatomy fandom video here. Warning: Some scenes may be considered 'disturbing'; please see the Daily News article link for more details.

Next Episode Airtimes
- Operation Overdrive - Red Ranger Unplugged (ABC Family - unknown, assumed Dec. 15 at the earliest)
- Jungle Fury - Episode 1 and 2 (Toon Disney - unknown, ABC Family - Mar. 22 at 12:00pm)

- Operation Overdrive DVD Vol. 4 and 5, "Star of Isis" and "Pink Emerald", are to be released on February 12. As previously noted, all 32 episodes will be on the 5 volumes.
- JF: Pictures of the JF "Micro Zord" sets here, Images of the Beast Master Megazord and images of other JF toy sightings here.
-JF Toy Reviews: Jungle Pride Megazord, Animalized Power Rangers, Tiger Battle Claws,and Overall toy review and series speculation.

- Rangercast Episode 71: On Location @ Anime USA (Nov. 30) - The crew chats from Anime USA in Washington DC and interviews Richard Epcar.

- Denial by lttldvl_writes (SPD, Sky/Z)
- Fusions by mystik_ivanow (NS, HunterxDustin / HunterxCamxDustin, NC-17>
- New Tricks by scifislasher (Zeo, Adam/Rocky, PG)
- The Night Before PROO-Mas by kikos_ai (PROO, Comedy, PG-13)
- Remembrance by payne_writes (Post Series SPD, T, Action/Adventure, Romance)
- Reunions by scifislasher (Post Series, Adam/Rocky, PG)
- Soul's Bonds chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24,Chapter 25, Chapter 26,and Epilogue by shurifanstuffs (S.P.D., Bridge/Sky, T/PG-13)
- The Broken Sun chapter 4 by darkstar_shadow (OO, T/PG-13)
- True Friendship by shurifanstuffs (S.P.D., K/G)
- Untitled (4/?) and (5/?) by blu_eyed_demon (MMPR S2/3, Rocky/Adam, T/PG-13)

- Art: Fusion Rangers by RiderbOy
- Art: Conner by Modinidesing
- Art: Yellow Overdrive by Burnsyroxx
- Art: Orange-Ranger (Bleach/MMPR crossover) by Ichigolbeachcake
- Icons: Various MMPR, NS, DT relationship icons by rangers_romance

Pictures and Screencaps
- Various pictures from rangers_daily : One manipulation of Sky as the Pink Ranger , One image of Matt Austin
- Manips from icanhasmegazord : MMPR-Turbo

- Music video: by blu_eyed_demon (Adam/Rocky)
- Music Video: Jungle Fury - Tarzan Boy by Orig1n5
- Video Game Mini Movie! Hamie Rangers by AndyAtsaphanthong

Multimedia Challenges, Ficathons, and Contests
-2nd Annual Power Rangers New Years Music Video Awards: Voting is open from now until December 31st, 11:59pm.

Did we miss anything? Got news for next Sunday's report? Send it to spandexreport@gmail.com.


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Dec. 31st, 2007 01:09 am (UTC)
I promise on my non existent first born it'll be posted by midnight tonight. :( ::offers cookies::
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